Caswell County NC Homes for Sale

Caswell County NC Homes for Sale

Caswell county North Carolina is located on the North Carolina border with the neighboring state of Virginia. On either side of Caswell county are the counties of Rockingham and Person, with Alamance and Orange counties to the south. The charming Caswell county was founded in 1777, and was named for the former governor of North Carolina, Richard Caswell, who governed the state from 1776-1780. Caswell county is a prime example of southern hospitality, and is easily one of the most charming counties in the entire state.

The crown jewel of Caswell county is the city of Yanceyville which serves as both the counties largest town as well as the county seat. Yanceyville is your typical rural, small town in northern North Carolina as shown by its population of just over 2,000 residents. Don't let the size of the town discourage you from visiting though, as it is one of the most hospitable, and welcoming towns in the entire state. A prime example of the towns charm is on full display at its annual Bright Leaf Hoedown, which features local food vendors and live entertainment. The Hoedown typically brings about 5,000 people to the town, effectively doubling the population that lives and resides in the town. 

Caswell county is also famous for being the location in which the Bright-Leaf tobacco curing process was discovered, which resulted in a tremendous rise in the production of North Carolina's primary cash crop.  Caswell is a county that is extremely proud of its history, as its historical society puts on a yearly heritage festival to celebrate the counties own history. Caswell county is also home to the Cherokee Scout Reservation, which is located jsut south of Yanceyville, near Farmer's Lake. 

The charming county of Caswell is home to only about 23,000 residents and just shorts of 9,000 households. The lack of a large population allows the entire county of Caswell to have a sort of hometown vibe, that resonates throughout the county. From Yanceryville all the way out to the county borders, Caswell is easily one of the most intoxicating rural counties to visit in all of North Carolina. 

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